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Caroline Harber MBacp (accred.)

Counsellor and Superviser

Relationship Counsellor - ​for Individuals or Couples in the Romney Marsh area
Couples in Conflict_Lead image_Cathy & I

At various times in our lives we may find ourselves feeling fed up or depressed, lacking motivation and direction ..........


I will see couples at the point of breaking up where distress is off the scale, as well as couples who just have a bit or sorting out to do........

How I Work

The aim of Counselling is to provide you with an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in safety. My role is to help you through this process without judgment or ..........


Good Supervision for counsellors is not only a professional requirement for students and practising counsellors, it is also a real gift to ourselves and our clients......

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I remember when I first thought that counselling might be helpful. I spent a lot of time dipping in and out of various websites getting more and more confused by the various qualifications and types of counselling.   
I eventually chose someone I liked the sound of and went from there.…you’re probably doing the same thing now.  

I tell you this because I believe it’s important that a counsellor has sat in the client’s chair and knows exactly how it feels.  Starting the process of counselling can be empowering and frightening. I understand that and will do everything I can to make it as comfortable for you as possible.  I try to be straightforward without being harsh and encouraging without applying any pressure.  I will be empathetic and non-judgmental.

About me

Postgraduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling, Relationships Scotland (formerly Relate Scotland), Edinburgh

Postgraduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Abertay University, Dundee

Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision, Relationships Scotland, Edinburgh

Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work under the BACP Code of Ethics.

Qualified trainer, delivering diploma-level counselling courses and CPD

Volunteer counsellor and Board Member of RSCCG


“After many years of marriage I thought I’d hit rock bottom and my marriage was over. My husband found open communication very difficult and I suppose we’d just both fallen into bad and lazy habits with each other.

I was quite sceptical about couple counselling - and my husband even more so - but really I was desperate and prepared to try.  

Caroline has really helped us both to speak calmly about our problems and given us the impetus to try to work through them. She is empathetic but always pragmatic and creates an environment which makes it much easier to concentrate on and solve relationship issues.

As a couple we are now much stronger and, for the first time, able to deal with issues as they arise.”


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