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Supervision and Consultancy Supervision

Good Supervision is not only a professional requirement for student and practising counsellors, it is also a real gift to ourselves and our clients. Supervision offers a contained, safe space for the supervisee to explore his or her ongoing work with clients, and to be supported and inspired during difficult times.

First of all you (the supervisee) needs to feel safe and able to bring true concerns and feelings about your work, no matter how painful, uncomfortable or worrying they may be. I will work with you to fully explore their origins and meaning in order to maximise the counselling experience for you and your client.

Our learning will also be in the room – what’s happening with the client? What’s going on in our relationship? What strategies are being used? Our collaborative, shared exploration of the work will add more layers to both of our client work.

You are welcome to bring to our work together whatever you want – no question, no feeling is ‘too insignificant’.

I am qualified to work with all counsellors including relationship counsellors. The cost is £45 per hour.  I would suggest we meet up for half an hour to see if our skills and experience fit together.

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