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Counselling and Supervision

Caroline Harber

“Life is not about how you survive the storm
it’s about how you dance in the rain”


“After many years of marriage I thought I’d hit rock bottom and my marriage was over. My husband found open communication very difficult and I suppose we’d just both fallen into bad and lazy habits with each other.

I was quite sceptical about couple counselling - and my husband even more so - but really I was desperate and prepared to try.  

Caroline has really helped us both to speak calmly about our problems and given us the impetus to try to work through them. She is empathetic but always pragmatic and creates an environment which makes it much easier to concentrate on and solve relationship issues.

As a couple we are now much stronger and, for the first time, able to deal with issues as they arise.”


“When my marriage ended suddenly, I was absolutely devastated. Working with Caroline helped me to find the resources I needed to cope, and to recognise that I would be able to build a future on my own. Her warm and insightful approach felt very supportive, and she gave me the time and space I needed to understand what had happened in my relationship, to grieve its loss, and start to move on.”


“Caroline helped me work through some problems
I was having, she certainly put me at ease and it’s thanks to her caring, understanding and professional attitude that I feel more confident in dealing with problems. I would recommend her, I made the right choice”.


“I didn’t think I had any feelings left for Joe but counselling helped me find them - they had been buried under a pile of resentment and anger.”


“She is truthful, insightful and caring. She asked questions which really made me think about things in a different way.”



Note: All names have been changed