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Counselling and Supervision

Caroline Harber

“Life is not about how you survive the storm
it’s about how you dance in the rain”


I remember when I first thought that counselling might be helpful. I spent a lot of time dipping in and out of various websites getting more and more confused by the various qualifications and types of counselling.   
I eventually chose someone I liked the sound of and went from there.…you’re probably doing the same thing now.  

I tell you this because I believe its important that a counsellor has sat in the client’s chair and knows exactly how it feels.  Starting the process of counselling can be empowering and frightening. I understand that and will do everything I can to make it as comfortable for you as possible.  I try to be straightforward without being harsh and encouraging without applying any pressure.  I will be empathetic and non-judgmental.


A 50-minute counselling session is £50 for couples and £45 for individuals